What is movie cake about

What happened in cake movie?

In each car scene, Claire’s seat is fully reclined to the point she is almost lying down flat while riding in the passenger’s seat. This is, of course, validated towards the end of the film when we finally learn that she was injured in a car accident that also killed her son and wrecked her as a person.

Why does Jennifer Aniston have chronic pain in cake?

Starring Jennifer Aniston , Cake is the story of Claire Simmons, a woman living with chronic pain after a car accident that took the life of her young son. The film opens with Claire in a chronic pain support group. Claire is called to speak about the recent suicide of Nina, one of the group’s members.

When was the movie cake made?

Is the movie cake on Netflix?

Cake – (2014) – Netflix .

What happened to the girl in cake?

Jennifer Aniston didn’t have to look far for advice on her starring role in Cake as a woman who suffers from extreme chronic pain after a horrible car crash. Her stunt double of about eight years, Stacy Courtney, had survived a traumatic boat accident that nearly killed her.

What’s wrong with Jennifer Aniston in cake?

‘ Pain-filled: Jennifer Aniston’s character, Claire, is addicted to prescription pain medication. ‘She’s so hardworking and she knew it was going to be a tough role because she was playing a person with chronic pain and she had to convey that every second of every scene.

Is cake with Jennifer Aniston on Netflix?

Wracked with physical pain and reeling from a tragic loss, Claire indulges a complicated obsession with a woman who took her own life. Jennifer Aniston , Anna Kendrick, William H. Macy and Sam Worthington headline this emotional indie drama.

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Where is cake filmed?

Los Angeles

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