How to make a star shaped cake

How do you decorate a star shaped cake?

The easiest way to decorate this type of cake would be to pipe little stars all over it using buttercream frosting, a piping bag, and a star shaped tip. You can also spread a smooth layer of frosting over the cake using a cake decorating spatula instead. Another option would be to cover it with a sheet of fondant.

How do you ice a star shaped cake?

Spread a thin layer of buttercream frosting on your star cake , making sure to cover each of the points of the star equally. Roll out a layer of fondant large enough to fit over the entire star and cover all the points. Don’t make your layer too thin.

How do you make a love shaped cake?

Start with a round cake . Cut 1/4 out of the top. Cut a triangle off of the top. Flip the triangle around and use it to cut the bottom. Flip it back around and place it on the bottom. Trim the tips. Use a small amount of frosting to glue it together. Finish with frosting and candy.

What is a star nozzle?

Star Nozzle by creativities gives results and detailed designs on your decorative treats. Star piping tip is great for adding realistic texture to outdoors themes and more. These nozzles work well with buttercream and other dense frostings. Use these nozzles and create complex designs in a single squeeze.

How do you make a round cake into a heart shaped cake?

Once the cakes are baked and cooled, cut the round cake in half to make two half-circles. Leave the square cake whole, but orient it as a diamond. Then place the flat side of each half- round against the top sides of the diamond to make a heart shape .

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How do you serve a heart shaped cake?

Start cutting in the middle of 1 side of the heart . Make a slice from the center of the cake out to the side of the cake with your cake knife at an angle. Then, cut the other side of the triangle piece from the center of the cake to the side. Continue to cut triangle pieces until your cake is sliced.

How do you make a heart shaped cake without mold?

For example, you could use a 9-inch round pan and a 9-inch square pan . Step 2Cut the Round Cake . After they’re done baking , let the cakes cool completely, then remove both of them from their pans and gently cut the circular cake in half. Step 3Assemble Your Heart . Step 4Frost That Baby. Step 5The Finale.

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