How to make a 3d unicorn cake

Can you make a unicorn cake?

The unicorn face looks best with a tall cake , which is why I use two box mixes in this recipe baked in 8-inch cake pans. You can make a smaller cake using one box mix and 6-inch cake pans. Fondant accessories should be made a day before frosting and assembling the cake .

What icing do you use for a unicorn cake?

Prepare the decorating bag with tip 3 and black frosting . Pipe eyes on front of cake . Using remaining white frosting , attach star sprinkles to create the cheeks of the unicorn .

What is a unicorn cake?

Little Debbie got in on the trend with their version of a unicorn cake — a strawberry-flavored cake topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles that’s just the right size for a lunchbox treat.

Can elephants eat cake?

They really do get cakes — banana or carrot cakes — and gobble them up, she says. “Kids love to get their cake too, but it’s always fun to see an elephant eat a birthday cake ,” Boldizar says.

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