How to decorate a store bought cake

How do you dress a store bought cake?

Store Bought Cake With Added Fruit Something as simple as adding fresh fruit can instantly dress up that plain store bought cake and make it spectacular. You don’t even need that much fruit or that much time for this one. Just choose your fruit – strawberries, bananas, kiwi, etc.

How do you put sprinkles on a store bought cake?

Place the cake on top of a cookie sheet and use your hand to “scoop” large handfuls of sprinkles onto the sides of the cake . The cookie sheet will catch the extra sprinkles , so you can collect and re-use them. Once the sides are covered, pour sprinkles over the top of the cake to cover the entire top.

What grocery store makes the best cakes?

For a child’s 1st birthday, the free smash cake option at Walmart is great. Costco is great for large gatherings & small budgets. Target has a lot of character-licensed cakes that are perfect for ages 5-10.

How can I make my cake look good?

Cake decorating ideas: Throw some sprinkles on top and on the sides. Get a cake topper like this. Border the bottom part and/or sides of the cake with nuts, pretzels, candy, Top your cake with fresh flowers. Sprinkle with fancy salt if its a chocolate or caramel cake . Top your cake with cookies in a fun pattern.

How do you frost a cake with store bought icing?

With store bought frosting (any colour). Just melt it in a jug in the microwave for 15 second blasts until the frosting is like lightly whipped cream. Now cool for a bit and start dipping your cupcakes or pour it over a cake . Once dry it should be shiny and it also tastes great.

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